Wilderness Schooling delivers the core curriculum in maths, science and English using the outdoors as the classroom. Our aim is to raise standards in core subjects.

We are concerned with the whole child, of course we are, we are also convinced that Wilderness Schooling and school attainment are compatible. We have been collecting data and the results are clear: children who take part in Wilderness Schooling do better in their Y6 SATS.

Wilderness Schooling is run and managed by education charity North East Wellbeing and is delivered by a team of highly experienced teachers and outdoor education practitioners.

We are confident that we can make Wilderness Schooling work for you and have great experience in delivering this for many different schools and groups with varying needs. Please do get in touch by phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.

Call us on 07799 060323 email enquiries@wilderness-schooling.co.uk

How Wilderness Schooling helps learning outcomes

How Wilderness Schooling helps learning outcomes

Wilderness Schooling results in children being more engaged with school, better motivated to achieve in maths, science and English and happier in themselves.

Read Wilderness Schooling success stories

Read Wilderness Schooling success stories

Wilderness Schooling “gave me the confidence to take my pupils outdoors and know that they would be making accelerated progress.”
(A participating teacher)

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How Wilderness Schooling works with your pupils

The Wilderness Schooling programme typically takes place over 6 weeks, with a full day session each week led by a qualified team of practitioners, at an outdoor location within a 30 minute drive of the school.

Testimonial from teachers

Wilderness Schooling makes such intuitive sense, there is a secret ingredient I think. Whatever it is, it is most striking. They come back talking. You can do most things if they are talking to each other.

Westgate Hill Primary School, Newcastle

The impact on the pupils’ confidence and social interaction was one of the highlights… I saw quiet, timid pupils who had held back for almost a year, come forward, take lead of a group and even confidently perform a 2-minute story in front of 17 people.

Westgate Hill Primary School, Newcastle

I have witnessed the children's interest in learning deepen, from being engaged, to being totally invested. Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic opportunity for my children, providing skills they can use immediately and memories they can reflect on forever.

Springfield Academy, Darlington.

Testimonials from pupils

I like coming to Wilderness School. We always do really cool stuff! The science week where we made dens was my favourite. I was really sensible and shared ideas with the group.

Matthew, pupil from Seaton Sluice Middle School, Northumberland

Thank you for everything! What I most want to thank you for is the walks and telling me so many facts I never used to know. You turned our learning into fun

Teagan, Y5 pupil from Welbeck Academy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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