We work with partner organisations to develop, sustain and make Wilderness Schooling happen. Our partners include:
Children North East

Children North East

There are currently 4 million children in the UK living in poverty. We know that poverty is a strong predictor of educational attainment with more than 6 in 10 children on free school meals failing to secure 5 good GCSEs. Overall, this means a gap in outcomes of around 27% at Key Stage 4 between those pupils on Free School Meals and other pupils. And yet we hope – perhaps even expect – our schools to be able to compensate for this situation.

The Schools Team at Children North East offer Poverty Proofing the School Day. The project includes a unique audit that listens to the voice of pupils and provides tools for schools to ensure that all children have an equity of experience. Evidence shows this definitely has a positive impact on attainment, attendance and the school ethos. Schools have found this a straight forward process and a cost-effective investment.

The team also offers a two hour specialist Poverty Proofing training – for staff and governors. The training provides up to date information on poverty, its consequences and the impact in schools. Schools have found that it encourages staff to reflect on their own practice, which in turn shifts the mindset of staff to create a more inclusive learning environment.

If you would like to explore how we could support your school or organisation with tackling inequality, reducing the attainment gap and overcoming barriers to learning for the poorest students, please contact us.

01912562449 | info@povertyproofing.co.uk | www.povertyproofing.co.uk

The National Trust

A conservation charity, protecting historic places and green spaces, and opening them up forever, for everyone. Photograph credits National Trust/Chris Orton.

Newcastle University

Newcastle University has always focused on academic excellence and the impact of its academic work. Today, these long-held ideals are more relevant than ever.